1. Need Cash Fast? Considering the Factoring Company Option

    Need Cash Fast? Considering the Factoring Company Option   Not all factoring companies are the same but here I will provide a generalization of factoring companies. You will need to read the details of the agreement with the factoring company to evaluate what their specific details and conditions are.  The design of a Factoring Company is that they will buy your unpaid customer invoices from…Read More

  2. Driving a car after weeks on the road!

    Every trucker experiences the massive difference between driving an 18-wheeler and driving anything else. After weeks on the road operating an 18-wheeler, driving anything else feels like a matchbox car. Thank you Tri-state for making us laugh today! https://tristatesecured.com/truck-drivers/the-10-best-trucker-memes-and-why-truck-drivers-love-them/…Read More

  3. Fuel Efficiency: Part 1

    Fuel Efficiency: Part 1  Steps that may improve your truck to be more Fuel Efficient  Use special apps to find truck stops or mom & pop fuel stations, these apps will help you along your route to find lowest fuel ** maintenance & repair (if needed) prices without going miles out of route for a few cents most will also include certified scales - restaurants - Grocery stores - parking etc…Read More

  4. FR8 Solutions- Helping The Community

    FR8 Solutions LLC Working to Help  Habitat For Humanity in The Community FR8 Solutions loves the local and surrounding communities. We are committed to help wherever we are needed - whether it is professionally or personally.  Today, Habitat needed us to provide lunch to all the wonderful volunteers who are working hard on an active build for a well-deserving family. An enormous amount of hard w…Read More

  5. Staying Healthy on the Road

    Staying Healthy on the Road                 69% of truck drivers are obese 14% have Type 2 Diabetes 22% take medications for High Cholesterol The CDC reports that only 25% of drivers exercise per month. With millions of drivers across the nation, these are scary numbers. Transportation industry workers have the highest risk of chronic health problems out of any occupational group in…Read More

  6. Safe Parking

    Finding Safe Parking  According to the American Transportation Research Institute, the most common problem reported by drivers is not being able to find parking. In 2020, there were 11 trucks to every 1 parking  space. On average, a driver will spend 1 hour a day looking for a safe place to park. In larger  metropolitan areas, this can take even longer.  58% of drivers say they have had to res…Read More

  7. Managing Your Over the Road Trucking Company

    Managing Your Over the Road Trucking Company   Often, when you start your own trucking company you are working both as a business owner and a truck driver. There is a lot to manage- Let’s look at some of the major responsibilities and how FR8 Solutions can help make managing your over the road trucking company a breeze.   Expenses and Taxes: As a business owner, you must know how much money is…Read More

  8. The Dispatcher’s Relationship with the Carrier and the Broker.

    The Dispatcher's Relationship with the Carrier and the Broker. It’s all very circular; without one, you don’t have the other. The common factor? An experienced dispatcher. The solid relationship between a dispatcher/carrier and dispatcher/broker doesn’t come without a ton of hard work, communication, and trust. You see, a good dispatcher works tirelessly to learn how to get the best rates an…Read More

  9. Human Trafficking: Signs and Resources

    Human Trafficking: Signs and Resources Human Trafficking is serious business. Truck drivers, whether OTR or local, play a huge role in the prevention and reporting of trafficking. We have put together some signs and resources for you to use when out on the road. Full disclosure, the FR8 Solutions Dispatch/Brokerage team did a ton of research and much of the information in this blog is directly fro…Read More

  10. Roadcheck May 4-6, 2021

    Roadcheck May 4-6 2021 Having a good safety and inspection rating is important for having a successful trucking company. Having a poor rating can make it hard to book loads, affect insurance prices, and discredit your company name. Each year, drivers dread inspection week. Below, you can find information to help you be prepared for these inspections and hopefully take some of the stress away! As a…Read More