1. Weight Distance Tax

    WEIGHT DISTANCE TAX IFTA is not the only tax you are required to pay when you cross into other jurisdictions. In addition to IFTA, there is the HVUT 2290 Tax (we will go over this in another blog post) and the four states that require a weight distance tax as well (Oregon, New Mexico, Kentucky and New York).  Weight distance tax is typically dependent on your truck’s weight and how many miles y…Read More

  2. Human Trafficking- Lanier Law Firm

    We were contacted by Lanier Law Firm about human trafficking. They put a ton of work into this article. We hope you find it helpful! Click the link to head to their website. lanierlawfirm.com/trucking-and-human-trafficking/…Read More

  3. FR8 Solutions- Helping The Community

    FR8 Solutions LLC Working to Help  Habitat For Humanity in The Community FR8 Solutions loves the local and surrounding communities. We are committed to help wherever we are needed - whether it is professionally or personally.  Today, Habitat needed us to provide lunch to all the wonderful volunteers who are working hard on an active build for a well-deserving family. An enormous amount of hard w…Read More

  4. Managing Your Over the Road Trucking Company

    Managing Your Over the Road Trucking Company   Often, when you start your own trucking company you are working both as a business owner and a truck driver. There is a lot to manage- Let’s look at some of the major responsibilities and how FR8 Solutions can help make managing your over the road trucking company a breeze.   Expenses and Taxes: As a business owner, you must know how much money is…Read More

  5. What is the Clearninghouse?

    What is the Clearinghouse? "The Clearinghouse is a secure online database that gives employers, FMCSA, State Driver Licensing Agencies, and State law enforcement personnel real -time information about CDL driver drug and alcohol violations, thereby enhancing safety on our nations roadways." Though implementation of the Clearinghouse was January 6, 2020, the rule took effect January 4, 2017. The in…Read More

  6. Are A Few Seconds Worth Your Life? Stop! Trains Can’t.

    Are a few seconds worth your life? Stop! Trains Can’t. Railroad crossing Safety. The devastation in losing a loved one, due to an accident involving a train is not unheard of. I personally have a friend that was impacted by losing two of her sisters in a train accident. Every day we put our lives at risk, and we do not realize how safety can make an impact on someone’s life if we are not cauti…Read More

  7. Personal Conveyance and ELD’s: Are you doing it right?

    The FMCSA is on their third revision to their guidance as it concerns the ELD and Personal Conveyance.  You may have heard something 8 months ago, and even verified it with Law Enforcement, but has it been changed/updated? I do DOT Compliance for a living and have received outdated information from the Motor Carrier Enforcement guys, it happens. Question: You dropped your last load in Las Vegas a…Read More