1. Planning Ahead: Tips for making next tax season painless

    Planning Ahead What changes will you make to your accounting or bookkeeping process for this year? Here are a few ideas for making next tax season painless. Consider an accounting and/or bookkeeping product.  There are many options to choose from.  Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, NetSuite, and Wave (which is a free option) are just a few.  Keep in mind the goals for your business when choosing an accou…Read More

  2. Staying Relevant in your Business: Is it Time to Evolve?

    Staying Relevant in your Business: Is it Time to Evolve?   The 2019 COVID pandemic rattled people and businesses to the core around the globe. A confrontation with the deadly illness could have tragic results and it did not depend on a person’s age, race, societal status or wealth. The world of consumers were frozen in fear and put businesses in a financial stand-still. In addition, because…Read More

  3. The Importance of W-9’s

    The Importance of W-9’s   Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification is required to inform the IRS that a taxpayer is not subject to backup withholding and is responsible for paying his or her own taxes. A W-9 is required from a vendor or contract employee. The W-9 will have their correct EIN or SSN for the required 1099 Form to be sent at the end of the year. Th…Read More

  4. Maximize Your Time When Managing a Heavy Workload

    Maximize Your Time When Managing a Heavy Workload Running a business can be a heavy burden at times and create even heavier workload. Whether you are manufacturing a product or providing a service to clients, the end goal is ultimate customer satisfaction. The effort to reach that goal however is much more than just the product or service itself. While the product or service is very valuable, ther…Read More

  5. FR8 Solutions- Helping The Community

    FR8 Solutions LLC Working to Help  Habitat For Humanity in The Community FR8 Solutions loves the local and surrounding communities. We are committed to help wherever we are needed - whether it is professionally or personally.  Today, Habitat needed us to provide lunch to all the wonderful volunteers who are working hard on an active build for a well-deserving family. An enormous amount of hard w…Read More

  6. Thinking of starting a business?

    Thinking of Starting a Business?  You may have been thinking of being your own boss, but just do not know the steps it requires. Here are a few important steps you should follow. Market Research  Is there a need for the type of business you want to start? Who is the competition in your area? Is there a demand for your services or products? What do you expect a reasonable fee or price will be? Th…Read More

  7. How to Avoid Expensive Payroll Costs and Still Get the Job Done

    How to Avoid Expensive Payroll Costs and Still Get the Job Done The goal of every business owner is to be profitable. The more expenses your business has, the less profitable your business will be. Deciphering what expenses are necessary or wasteful is important when observing the condition of your bottom line. One of the biggest expenses for any business is payroll and the costs surrounding the n…Read More

  8. Managing Your Over the Road Trucking Company

    Managing Your Over the Road Trucking Company   Often, when you start your own trucking company you are working both as a business owner and a truck driver. There is a lot to manage- Let’s look at some of the major responsibilities and how FR8 Solutions can help make managing your over the road trucking company a breeze.   Expenses and Taxes: As a business owner, you must know how much money is…Read More

  9. Working Together for your Business Success

    Working Together for Your Business Success – Bookkeeper vs Certified Public Accountant (CPA)   Unarguably, both can be valuable to the growth and success of your business in many ways. While both bookkeepers and CPA’s duties vary from one another, an adequate and successful accounting system is set up and maintained with a coordinated effort between the bookkeeper, CPA and you. Most busin…Read More

  10. Increasing Cash Flow by Minimizing Aging Accounts Receivables

    Increasing Cash Flow by Minimizing Aging Accounts Receivables   Slow-to-pay clients and unpaid Accounts Receivables will limit the cash flow that is needed for your business to stay operational. Plan ahead by creating business strategies to eliminate or minimize your unpaid transactions while maximizing your business’ cash flow. Consider ways to avoid having aging Accounts Receivables: When…Read More