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FR8 Solutions’ Transportation by FR8, is a one-stop transportation support service model, providing expert care in the management of regulatory safety compliance and commodity and truck logistics. We work to ensure you are covered and keep you moving, after all; if the wheels aren’t turnin’ you’re not making money – let us be the solutions.

Let our specialists handle it all (2290/HVUT, UCR, IRP, & IFTA) to ensure it is filed correct and timely. Fleet & Driver Qualification files require specific documentation and recordkeeping by regulation and compliance for annual review – not managing this correctly can amount to costly penalties and compromise your safety scores.

Our friendly dispatchers work well with drivers and brokers alike, understanding the importance of timelines and generating revenues for your company. We pride our dispatchers on their negotiation skills to gain you top dollar while managing a driver with day-to-day schedules and if necessary, finding roadside assistance. We stay with the truck and driver from pickup to delivery 24/7. We are there because we care.

FR8 Solutions is no different than any other consortium or testing facility, after all we all have the same regulatory agency to report to. FR8 Solutions prides itself on being friendly, affordable, respectful of your time, and convenient.