Fuel Efficiency: Part 1 

Steps that may improve your truck to be more Fuel Efficient 

  • Use special apps to find truck stops or mom & pop fuel stations, these apps will help you along your route to find lowest fuel ** maintenance & repair (if needed) prices without going miles out of route for a few cents most will also include certified scales – restaurants – Grocery stores – parking etc….. 
  • Use Fuel cards with fuel discounts, that have numerous stations in the route you are working in verses having to find a fuel station that will use your fuel card (most fuel cards also have an app that will show you where you card will work) 
  • Reduce or or minimize your “drag” without Aerodynamics it makes it harder for the truck to move forward 
  • Here is a list of a few things that can help for better Aerodynamics Wheel Covers- helps to prevent air between the crevices 

Cab Extenders- Stops the “drag between the open space of the cab & trailer Driver Fenders Reduces the “drag” between the so that the air4 can pass smoothly along the vehicle 

  • Wide-based tires may increase the overall MPG versus conventional dual ribbed tries it takes appx 35,000 to 50,0000 miles to properly break in New tires you would likely not see the difference before they are worn-in 
  • Tires must be properly inflated for safety -to prevent a blowout also to prevent uneven wear & tear 
  • Use Fuel efficient lubricants this will limit the damage to major components, without lubricants your vehicle with grind together cursing wear & tear 
  • Fuel efficient Lubricants generally cost more than conventional lubricants however the cost savings will help less wear & tear (less breakdowns as well)