Working Together for Your Business Success –

Bookkeeper vs Certified Public Accountant (CPA)


Unarguably, both can be valuable to the growth and success of your business in many ways. While both bookkeepers and CPA’s duties vary from one another, an adequate and successful accounting system is set up and maintained with a coordinated effort between the bookkeeper, CPA and you.

Most business owners do not realize the difference between a bookkeeper and CPA. While a CPA can perform all the duties of a bookkeeper, the hourly rate for a CPA on average is $75/hour and up. A professional bookkeeper on average is about $50/hour and often will offer a better rate for signing up for monthly services.


Bookkeeper                                                                          Certified Public Accountant

Recording day to day financial transactions and completing the posting process. Organizing and updating company records as needed.
Verifying that transactions are recorded in the correct book, supplier/customer ledger and general ledger. Preparing and analyzing reports on company transactions.
Bringing the books to the trial balance stage. Performing detailed audits for accuracy in financial reports, expenditures and investments.
Enter data, maintain records and create reports and financial statements Forecast revenue and analyze profit margins.
Process accounts receivable/payable and handle payroll in a timely manner. Oversee ledger reconciliation and manage accounts payable/receivable.
Participate in budgeting processes.
Brief senior management/owners regularly on the company’s financial status.
Liaise with Tax Accountants to track tax payments and returns.
Monitor bookkeeping activities regularly.


Investing in a professional bookkeeper and a qualified CPA is a secure way to create a solid accounting system in your business. While both are invaluable, we recommend to plan the majority of tasks for the bookkeeper to stay more cost effective. Contact FR8 Solutions today to schedule a one-on-one approach to creating a plan for continued business success! 970-373-3483