DOT Compliance can be time consuming and oftentimes frustrating when you are trying to do it on your own.  Not only are you trying to “keep trucking” as every load counts on your Companies bottom line, you are also trying to remember all the things you need to stay compliant.  Driver Qualification files, Fleet Files, ELD/RODs, IFTA/WDT, IRP and permits are just a handful of items needed to stay compliant.  It’s enough to make your head spin at times.

Instead of thinking of hiring a DOT Compliance Company as an expense, try thinking of it more as an investment.  Here are some top reasons for keeping your company DOT Compliant:





  • Fines are not just the cost of doing business.  Most FMCSA fines are completely avoidable just by staying in Compliance.  A company that puts their compliance as a top priority will save time in lost revenue as well.



Safety Rating


  • Safety ratings are set by the FMCSA following a Safety Review and should be protected at all costs.  The 3 Safety ratings are:  
        1. Satisfactory:  the DOT has found you to be near or at full compliance with DOT Regulations.
        2. Conditional:  the DOT has found your Safety program lacking in certain areas.  This rating triggers law enforcement to focus more on your drivers and trucks.  This also increases your chances for another audit.
        3. Unsatisfactory:  this is the 1st step in a series with which the FMCSA will may remove your Operating Authority and effectively, put you out of business.  This rating can be reversed if taken seriously and requires you take quick and productive steps to get your compliance in order.
  • Safety ratings affect your ability to get loads as this information is public and potential customers can view your rating.
  • Safety ratings can also affect your insurance rates and potentially cause you to be dropped by your insurance.


Litigation and Criminal charges


  • It’s not just DOT that you must worry about when it comes to compliance.  In the unfortunate event you or one of your drivers becomes involved in an accident that leads to injuries or a fatality, you want to make sure your drivers and equipment are in compliance.  Companies that are found to have deficiencies in their compliance can expect to pay some pretty hefty lawsuits that could potentially put them out of business.  No trucking accidents are the same.  Settlements can range from a few thousand dollars to well over $10 Million.


The bottom line is, Safety is about Integrity.  Being in compliance can help alleviate some of the pitfalls.  


Do you need help with your Compliance?  Not sure?  We are here to help you through it all.  FR8 Solutions has a dedicated and knowledgeable team to help guide you through the processes.