Staying Relevant in your Business: Is it Time to Evolve?


The 2019 COVID pandemic rattled people and businesses to the core around the globe. A confrontation with the deadly illness could have tragic results and it did not depend on a person’s age, race, societal status or wealth. The world of consumers were frozen in fear and put businesses in a financial stand-still. In addition, because of social-distancing guidelines, requirements had limited staffing which in return meant important work was not being done. Businesses that were most affected were those that had great dependency on revenues generated from face-to-face customer contact. 

Nearly two years later, millions of businesses have crumbled to the ground – but the world is now starting to see the glimmer of hope that we are through the worst of it. What was the greatest lesson learned during this time? The biggest lesson for all businesses who struggled through the pandemic is the importance to evolve your business and make it more accessible to consumers and flexibility to employees. 

It is on all of our hearts and minds that the world never sees another pandemic like COVID-19 or anything remotely as tragic – but if we do the time to be prepared is now. Evolution may not be cost-effective for some businesses; however, If change could potentially strengthen your business consider the suggestion below to make your business more accessible to employees and everyday consumers. This one change to a business could be exactly what takes you to the next level.

Have a Good Working Website

It’s 2022, if you want your business to be found or for people to contact you, an effective website is a must-have for business growth. When a consumer is interested in finding an item or service provider, they no longer pick up the phone book and start dialing – they get on their computer or phone, WIFI and search online through Google or another search engine for businesses and their websites that offer what they need. A good website will have the following:

  1. An immediate and clear description of who you are and what you offer. On landing page, the amount of reading needs to be minimal and straight to the point. Consumers are only searching to find a resolution to their problem. They are not interested in reading volumes of information. Especially in their initial search, the landing page is the only shot you will get and if there is a lot of reading you will lose their attention because they haven’t yet found what they are looking for. 
  2. A site map that is easy to navigate. Make sure the navigation Is clearly laid out. 
  3. Easily located contact information – Email, phone, and address if you have a brick and mortar location.
  4. Regularly fresh and quality content in a Blog. Put content that are topics proving your company’s industry leadership, expert knowledge, or topics you know will be important to your ideal client.
  5. Testimonials from satisfied clients. Consumers want to see if others have been satisfied in order to know if they will be satisfied too. The goal is to impress on them that reaching out to your business is a good choice. 
  6. A call to action: Use special buttons that say you need to get in touch with us now. For example, a button could say, “Call us now” for a free quote or schedule for a free consultation to get the consumer’s attention to reach out.

The list above is very important; however, it also needs to be tied into a good SEO. Having a good SEO will greatly increase your chance of being found first online. Search engine optimization means the website is coded correctly. Using the correct keywords in your text, lots of working links, and videos and images. Content that is regularly updated and fresh is like a pot o’ gold at the end of a rainbow for SEO.

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