Roadcheck May 4-6 2021

Having a good safety and inspection rating is important for having a successful trucking company. Having a poor rating can make it hard to book loads, affect insurance prices, and discredit your company name. Each year, drivers dread inspection week. Below, you can find information to help you be prepared for these inspections and hopefully take some of the stress away! As always, the FR8 Solutions Safety, DOT, and Dispatch Departments are here to help you every step of the way.

This year’s International Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspections Blitz will be focusing on Vehicle Lighting and Hours-Of Service Compliance, as well as Vehicle Maintenance. Ports of entry, weigh stations, and many portable inspections stations will be operating around the clock to inspect as many trucks as possible.

Inspectors will be looking for critical vehicle inspection violations (highlighted items from the North American Standard Roadside Inspection Vehicle Cheat Sheet listed below). If such violations are found the vehicle will be placed out of service, which means the vehicle cannot operate until identified violation has been corrected.

For a complete list refer to:

● Brakes; check for missing, non functioning, loose, contaminated or cracked parts of the braking system * brake system warning devices such as ABS Malfunction lamps and * air system maintains air pressure between 90-100 PSI
● Coupling Devices * Safety Devices; Full Trailer/Converter Dolly(s) * Chains/wire rope for sufficient strength *Missing components, improper repairs or devices * check for unsecured * Fifth Wheel mounting
● Fuel and Exhaust System; check for loose mountings, missing caps, signs of leaking fuel
● Frame; inspect for cracked, loose cross members * cracks in the frame * conditions of all hoses
● Lighting; inspection of all required lamps for proper color, operation, mounting and visibility
● Securement of Cargo; ensure cargo is protected from shifting , falling on both sides of the trailer * ensure using proper securement devices, proper number size and condition for cargo loaded * check tiedown anchor points
● Steering; check the steering lash
● Suspension; check for indication of misaligned, shifted, cracked or missing springs, loose shackles, missing bolts, cracked or loose u-bolts * signs of unsecured axle positioning parts or or axle misalignment
● Tires – Wheels – Rims and Hubs; check for proper inflation, cuts, bulges tread wear, sidewalls, exposed fabric or cord * wheels and rims for cracks, broken or missing or loose lug nuts * check hubs for lubricant leaks missing caps, worn or missing parts

● Hour of Service: ELD or paper logs must be up to date including 7 previous days, available when requested by an inspector
FMCSA Summary of Hours of Service Regulations refer to:

Documents that May be Required at Inspections:

● Valid Driver License
● Motor Carrier Identification
● Either ELD or if Exempt Paper Logs **You must have 7 days recorded**
● Daily Pre / Post Inspection reports
● Medical Certificate
● Bill of Lading for all loaded cargo

Be ready and safe for ALL lNSPECTIONS!!