The FMCSA is on their third revision to their guidance as it concerns the ELD and Personal Conveyance.  You may have heard something 8 months ago, and even verified it with Law Enforcement, but has it been changed/updated? I do DOT Compliance for a living and have received outdated information from the Motor Carrier Enforcement guys, it happens.

Question: You dropped your last load in Las Vegas and live in Colorado.  You are bobtailing home and then go on days off.  Can the trip from Las Vegas to Colorado be logged as Personal Conveyance????

The answer is NO, returning home from a dispatched trip is a continuation of that trip and can not be considered personal conveyance.

Our DOT / Fleet & Driver Compliance team speaks to a lot of Federal and State Auditors, and they all tell me this, repeated use of the Personal Conveyance throws red flags to them so they start looking deeper.

If you have more questions about ELD’s and Personal Conveyance, reach out to us here at FR8 Solutions.