Maximize Your Time When Managing a Heavy Workload

Running a business can be a heavy burden at times and create even heavier workload. Whether you are manufacturing a product or providing a service to clients, the end goal is ultimate customer satisfaction. The effort to reach that goal however is much more than just the product or service itself. While the product or service is very valuable, there are many other things that customers consider to be added value. For example, great customer service experience, attention to detail, on-time product/service delivery. 

Achieving the ultimate customer satisfaction can also cause an overflowing task list. If it is not managed efficiently, it could cause a ripple effect down to the client. Completing all of the necessary business tasks effectively can be burdensome. Timelines and deadlines seem to never end – as soon as you complete one task, you are charged with wrestling with another.

Below is a list that will surely help you to make juggling your many tasks more manageable.

Evaluate and Eliminate

Evaluate work related and not work-related things that you do throughout your workday.  Are there tasks or processes that can be streamlined, delegated, condensed, or eliminated? Are you spending too much time on unnecessary or unproductive things? Tuning up your task load and working more efficiently will free up more time to focus on other essential things and create a way for you to be more productive. For example, interrupted workflow. You are on a roll completing tasks on your list and now it is time to stop for a pre-scheduled meeting. How could it be altered to suit you better? Schedule appointments either on certain days of the week or at the start/end of the day. This will leave you a full day of uninterrupted productivity.

Problem Solver or Problem Causer?

Your work environment should have a good balance of enjoyment and productivity. Working with others can be tricky at times. Especially when you deal with different personalities and communication types. Not everyone is an expert multi-tasker and can carry on a full conversation and still be able to continue to be productive in their work. If you work with others, consider some of your interactions with them and how it affects the productivity of the entire team. All unnecessary conversations to a minimum.

Priority Driven Task List

At the end of each day, create a task list for the following workday. Create a list in order of priority. As you work through your list throughout each day, tackle the highest priority items first. You may not complete all of the items on your list for the day but those items can be placed in higher priority on the following day’s list. Make sure to take into consideration any pre-scheduled meetings. Evaluate what are the true priorities and reschedule if it is necessary.

Schedule Task Focused Time

If you know you have a large daily task list for the day, plan ahead to block out time to be strictly task focused. Some items may not be relevant to everyone but in general, having task focused time consists of this:

  1.   Turn your phone off and notify others you are not available.
  2.   Shut your door, turn on music, whatever you need to do to get your mind into the “Zone.”
  3.   Avoid reading emails – unless that is one of the tasks on your list.
  4.   If you have a large task list, avoid creating split blocks of time in one day for items not on your task list.


Meetings are an important part of any business. Whether it is a meeting with a potential client to pitch how creating a working business relationship with your company will be a good business decision or a meeting with office staff to discuss topics like sales and marketing, accounting or changes in processes and policies. However, sometimes meetings can get long-winded or off task. To keep the meetings to a minimum, create a topic list with highlights within each topic to gauge how much time you will need. Notify the participants of the time limit for the meeting. The key is to stay on task and adhere to your set timelines. Creating a topic list will help to minimize excessive conversation or interjections of unplanned topics. If there are additional topics that are discovered to be necessary, schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss those topics.


Time management, when used in conjunction with the previous listed topics, can allow you the ability to manage your time more closely and efficiently. Adequately portioning your time can mean professional life or death. You will feel much more accomplished and less worn-down.

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