Managing Your Over the Road Trucking Company


Often, when you start your own trucking company you are working both as a business owner and a truck driver. There is a lot to manage- Let’s look at some of the major responsibilities and how FR8 Solutions can help make managing your over the road trucking company a breeze.


Expenses and Taxes:

As a business owner, you must know how much money is coming in and how much money is going out of your company. Knowing your bottom line, keeping a good record of expenses such as fuel, insurance, food, truck maintenance, etc. can feel overwhelming to manage and track. Business by FR8 can help with bookkeeping, payroll, and planning for your business’ financial future. 

W9’s, 1099s, and other tax forms can be intimidating for new business owners. Having an accurate profit/loss statement and well-kept books is an important step to making sure your taxes are filed accurately. FR8 Solutions is here every step of the way to help you navigate the process. Our experienced business staff can help with filling out paperwork, calculations, and money management.


Managing Clients:

Without clients, your trucks will not be moving. As the owner of a trucking company, there isn’t anyone to tell you what to haul or where you need to be. Once you decide on a trailer type and what commodities you are comfortable hauling, FR8 Solutions Dispatch Department can assist you with getting high-paying loads, navigating the paper process of securing loads, and advise a driver of all information needed to pick up and deliver loads. FR8 Solutions has an established network of brokers and a reputation of offering exceptional service to both carriers and brokers. We can help you build new customer relationships and maintain them with good communication. On the road, it can be difficult to focus on driving and looking for loads. FR8 solutions has a dedicated team of dispatchers that can handle the process from start to finish so the only thing you have to focus on is driving!


Fuel & Maintenance:

Fuel and truck maintenance are some of the biggest expenses that a trucking company has. There are ways to manage these costs:

  •  Proper truck maintenance such as oil changes and tune ups.
  • Monitoring tire pressure, minimizing idling, and driving responsibly can help bring down your fuel costs and increase efficiency. Small changes ass up!
  • Do some research to find the most affordable diesel prices instead of stopping at the first truck stop you come to.
  • Pre-trip and post-trip inspections help stay on top of any maintenance issues that may arise.

FR8 Solutions team is happy to help you find reputable shops and mechanics while you are home or on the road!


Are you following all of the DOT regulations?

  • Equipment is properly registered
  • IRP is set up and paid
  • IFTA account is open and being filed properly

Those are just a few areas our FR8 Solutions DOT department helps over the road trucking companies stay legal and on top of responsibilities. 

Don’t let these areas be put on the back burner, contact us today!