What is a Financial Coach and can working with one help me?

Business Coaching:

Is your business sucking the money faster than it’s making it? Does your profit/loss statement show a profit but you have nothing to show for it? Are you not able to pay yourself a living wage? Would you like to offer classes to your employees to help them with their personal finances?  Keeping Up With The Joneses Financial Coaching is dedicated to helping you uncover your blind spots, implementing a plan to reach your growth goals, guiding you in making pivotal decisions that lead to financial success, and empowering you to make great decisions to keep your business viable.

Whether your business is a cash eating monster or you are wanting to provide financial guidance to your employees, Keeping Up With The Joneses Financial Coaching is here to help. Providing solutions for all your financial needs is what we are all about. 

Personal Coaching:

Living paycheck to paycheck? Not sure how you are going to pay all of the monthly bills? Feel like you make a decent amount of money but have nothing left at the end of the month? Are you debt free but still feel like you don’t have control? Money fights with your spouse happen far too often?  I help discover the root causes of those issues then guide clients to a place of financial peace and freedom. I help you build a solid financial foundation in which every decision is built upon going forward. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing clients win! Many clients come to KWUTJFC thinking about bankruptcy, debt consolidation, budgeting, questions about investing and retirement accounts. Let’s chat and determine the best plan to get you to a more favorable financial situation. 

How can a coach help me?

A coach plays an instrumental role in your financial success! We all have blind spots; we are all emotional when it comes to our finances; we want to make the best decisions but sometimes we aren’t sure what those are. Business expenses add up so quickly it’s easy to get buried in debt with no plan to get out. Along with accountability, direction, an eye for detail, a coach is a great sounding board. 

Who am I?

My name is Sarah and my superpower is helping others find a way off the “hamster wheel” of financial despair. When working with me, you will see transformation like never before! 

Book a FREE consultation with me today! Let’s get rid of the financial turmoil you’ve been living in and uncover your financial peace.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Sarah Jones